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    John Simpson supported this idea  · 
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    John Simpson commented  · 

    To add, the first thing you need to do with your Oculus rift/ rift S is INSTALL STEAM VR. The first thing I do the moment I put on the headset is load Steam VR. From there, my social interactions are either completely based on my Steam friends list, or completely random (joining random social rooms etc.).

    Steam VR. It's what you want. It's what you need. But you all probably already figured that out and are switching to Steam because of this Facebook nonsense... and likely haven't said as much.

    Oculus team, your users are moving to rival platforms. Every single customer that isn't logging in with Facebook... THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Go ahead, count them. Guaranteed they're using Steam VR for their social interactions, perhaps you can see that from your end, the number of users with Steam VR loaded. You're losing out on a LARGE chunk of users because of this Facebook mistake.

    I should know, I'm one of them.

    Even if you make some backward attempt to lock us into the Occulus app in the future (hey it's Facebook, they're likely to try to demand it) , Users WILL find a way around it. I certainly will. And if that doesn't work, well, then it's your rivals hardware I'll be buying as-well.

    Point is Facebook login as a requirement for social interaction is a huge mistake. I know Facebook, your new owners, are demanding it, but perhaps respond with a request for a VR ONLY facebook login, one that absolutely DOES NOT IN ANY WAY interact with the users presence on the standard facebook platform.

    We don't want our annoyingly depressed and needy non-friends begging for our attention when we put on your headset... THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR. We're here for an escape, not a damn mandatory re-connect with everyone we dropped Facebook to avoid.

    As for the Facebook team, this is why people are leaving Facebook... we're human beings, there are people we don't communicate with for a reason. Facebook has a way of making our presence known to them. Anonymity is a lusted after tool we all seek, each and every one of us. And you are anything but. We want to relax and escape from life's annoyances, not be bombarded by it.

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    John Simpson commented  · 

    Guys, Facebook is an absolute NO GO for me. I abandoned it after people kept trying to pry into my life, people I don't want to communicate with unless I contact them. Never the other way around. I don't need to be barraged by a bunch of people I don't want to talk to because I put on my Rift headset. Facebook is an absolute no go. Looks like Steam VR will be my primary home and social hub.

    Sorry Oculus team. You made a giant brick wall for me here... Won't be using your platform for social anything now.

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