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    Adam Wells commented  · 


    Just so you know I stopped my wife and other relatives buying your product before Christmas, because you are misleading the public with this crazy idea of one set one user. We now have a PS4 with VR it is very good, with so many games and ....multiple user support. Your loss now and probably in the future. This can only been seen as profiteering by a multi-billion company, it's disgusting.

    You knew what you were doing when you did this, shame on you then and even more so now, as you choose to ignore the requests of all these people on this forum, which will be a small fraction of the world wide discontent.

    A missed sale.


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    Adam Wells commented  · 

    Hi Oculus

    Obviously you are aware of this issue. It would be the right thing to do to let the people who have already bought and those who want to buy, but are now holding off, know whether you are going to include multi user support. If you are, then please can you give a timescale. This standard feature is a must for any family.

    We all look forward to your reply


    Oculus Users

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    Adam Wells commented  · 

    I agree with so many on here I was just about to buy and saw this negative comment on Amazon so I am not buying now. I can't believe it wasn't included, huge mistake so many people are upset about this. Surely Oculus want people to share their experience with others ans so sell more, what a mistake.

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    Adam Wells commented  · 

    Copied from Paul, well said Paul I totally agree, come on Oculus this is wrong, how can you share without multiple accounts. You got this wrong.

    I am in total agreement with the comments in this thread,I was going to buy the Quest for use for my family (wife and 2 kids) kids already earmarked the games they want to buy with their Christmas money and we agreed to set up a rota so all had their turn (I wish i could afford to buy us all one but this is not a option for a single income household)

    I then thought about multi users and googled it and to my surprise this is not a thing.
    I cant see how its hard to have one main account that buys the games and every one else can have a profile that can access the games (parental controls included to block inappropriate games) just like Xbox have and steam have.

    We have now all agreed not to buy one until this is a option, Occulus you have lost another sale for such a short minded money grab.

    Adam Wells supported this idea  · 

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