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    Charles Kent commented  · 

    I'm having issues with the overall volume on the Quest 2 as well, as it seems to be all over the place. The videos on the store page can be absolutely booming loud, but then the games themselves can sound quite weak by comparison even at 100% volume control, with no way to increase it further. Take Warhammer Battle Sister for instance. It has a really loud booming video on the store page but the actual audio in game sounds far lower by comparison. Why is this and why can't I do anything about it?

    It's frustrating, because you know the speakers are quite capable of much louder sounds, but you just can't get them. On my CV1 I had the volume set to just 55% and that was more than enough. My Quest 2 is set at 100% and is often quite lacking in volume. Like I say, I know it can do better, as some apps and games do have the volume really cranked up. Even with that said, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've had to reduce the volume down from 100%.

    I'm also having an issue with the volume over Link, as it's at about 50% of what it should be. I have been trying to get this solved with a support ticket for weeks now and it's currently on hold pending further investigation after having tried all of their suggestions. To give you an idea of the volume over link, even at 100%, and yes I have checked everything on my PC too and been through all the suggestions from support, the sounds in the Oculus Home environment are really low and almost barely audible. Especially the background sound effects like the wind when you stand out on the balcony. If I didn't know they were there from having been a long time user on my CV1 and I was a new first time PCVR Quest 2 user, I'd probably not even know they existed. In games like Elite Dangerous I'm having to use the volume boost setting just to get something sounding even remotely acceptable, and even then it's still not what it should be.

    Obviously the sounds from the Quest 2 speakers aren't going to be of a similar standard that the CV1 speakers were, but even so, the frustration with this comes from the fact that I know the built in speakers on the Quest 2 are capable of far better than what's currently being allowed by the software, because there are instances where this is actually delivered.

    So Oculus, please unlock more of the volume control for our headsets and let us be the arbiters of what we feel is a reasonable level of volume. What's the point of putting a volume control on the headset if it's just going to be stuck at 100% all the time?

    Charles Kent supported this idea  · 

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