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    Belial20XX commented  · 

    I am beginning to believe it is a USB bandwidth and power issue. This would be the only explanation I can give. The Rift S is using 1 cable to transmit the data for the sensors as well as power the head set. I have had this problem on a brand new set out of the box. I think I have negated the issues by management of my USB devices.

    I had a MS Kinect 2.0, a HP webcam, several external USB 3.0 HDD that used the MB for power,1 HDD using a powered dock, 1 LG Bluray 5.5 bay drive using and external dock and I also have a PreSonus 24c audio interface. I had to move my KB and Mouse to a powered USB 2.0 hub along with the Bluray drive. I moved one external drive to use the USB C on my GPU for power since the Rift S did not like that with the adapter I got. I moved 2 other drives to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 controller because the Rift S does not like that one either. The powered HDD dock I just power off before playing.

    I found making these changes solved my problem leading me to believe there is an issues with the Rift S and the USB controller data saturation. If you have a loaded set up like I do and use a lot of USB powered devices like even an RGB KB, you may be having the same issue as I had.

    I would suggest getting 1 powered USB 2.0 hub and put whatever runs fine on 2.0 on that and get another powered USB 3.0 hub and put whatever external devices that require 3.0 on that. This way you can keep the majority of the MB USB ports clear and then there should not be a USB power issues and if you can turn off the devices you do not need while playing that should solve the data bandwidth issues.

    Since I have done this the problem has not returned. I will add that I do disable all other sound devices while in VR as well to make sure there is no conflicts with windows being windows. I just re-enable after every session.

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