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    409 comments  ·  Oculus Quest 2 and Quest » General  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    jetpack-toast commented  · 

    To everyone here,

    I don't think anyone here really understands how these things work and why this will never go anywhere. Please allow me to explain a few points.

    1. People are buying out the Quest 2 rapidly. Most people do not mind linking up (or creating) their Facebook account to use it. We are the minorities in this so our voices really don't make a difference.

    2. Selling your Quest or Quest 2 over this requirement WILL DO NOTHING to stop this. Whoever buys your device will link up their Facebook and your dear "friend" Mark Zuckerberg will still mine their data. He'll make the money off of you, or whoever you sell your device to.

    3. If you've lost tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over losing access to your games, Zuckerberg and the Facebook crowd DO NOT CARE. It's pretty obvious in the way they are handling all of this. When you are literally worth over $100 billion, a few thousand is nothing.

    4. The Quest 2 is dirt cheap (given the high-end specs) for a reason. I'm willing to bet the purchase price is equal to, or even a bit below the manufacturing costs. Why? Because Facebook will make a lot more money from people as soon as they link up their Facebook accounts. This also puts the Quest 2 in a position where nobody will be able to beat the price for the given specs. They are successfully cornering the market and stomping out any current or future competition by doing this. It's a monopolistic practice that is actually illegal, but it seems nobody is doing anything about it.

    Infuriated yet? I know I am! So what can you do to start fighting back? If everybody did the following, these companies wouldn't have quite the power they do today:

    1. DELETE your Facebook account. Deactivating your account is NOT the same thing. When you are deactivated, they can, and do, still collect your data from third parties and sell it. I've seen a small subset of how this works, and trust me, the data is scary (think credit card/bank information). They get a LOT more than what you give.

    2. Use a privacy-based browser. I personally use Firefox and it blocks all the Facebook and other social media trackers. There are a bunch of other privacy-based browsers out there as well.

    3. Don't purchase/use anymore Facebook owned products. This includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, Portal, and all those listed here:

    4. Support the good, dump the trash. There are many other options for social media out there that aren't nearly as evil as Facebook. Ever heard of Diaspora? How about the open-source Telegram messenger? What about ProtonMail? Perhaps give them a shot if you're itching for social media.

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    jetpack-toast commented  · 

    I just purchased two of these headset so my wife and I could play together. Now I'm finding out we can't play together because we don't use Facebook. I looked into this before purchasing and I was happy to see we could just create Oculus accounts, but I had no idea we wouldn't be able to play together without using Facebook. Please REMOVE this requirement! At this point I'm debating whether or not to box these up and return them. I know what Facebook does behind the scenes and having an account is a HUGE privacy concern for us!

    Spoiler alert: once you accept their terms by creating an account, it doesn't matter what information you don't give them; they collect it from third parties and sell more data on you than you could ever imagine. Sounds pretty safe....right?

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