1. Add Fitbit integration

  2. Cast without the need of wifi network

  3. i had an idea for an invention of a 360 degree treadmill that requires no electricity and can fit under a bed

  4. not needing a powerfull computer to be able to backup your file or download data

  5. Oculus Store could host some optimised 2D games, that could be played on a virtual monitor!

  6. I feel violated that anyone who picks up my Quest can turn it on and access my Facebook and messenger accounts without my permission.

  7. Please provide a method for detaching The required Facebook account from the Oculus account.

  8. PLEASE allow the Oculus Rift and Rift S update download to store to the location that we have set within the app media library default!

  9. Allow a deal for those who own a Rift with a faulty cable, since it is nearly impossible to buy a new one.

  10. Please add ability to cast right eye instead of ONLY the left eye.

  11. Found a bug on iphone that first login in only searches thru the browser data and uses the first facebook account.

  12. Always allow access to quest data

  13. Oculus App: don't block low end PCs before trying the game

  14. Add built-in fiducial tag support to passthrough API [SDK]

  15. Left Handed / Right Handed improvement ideas.

  16. Allows to crop or provide custom desktop window sizes.

  17. Somehow manage a way of saving your data without having to start a game from the beginning again if you have to reset your quest through no

  18. Referral Programme in all Countries

  19. Storage Improvement for 64G Users / Refund

  20. Show us how long we have played a game/app.

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