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  1. On Demand Passthrough button like Rift S

    It would be nice to be able to toggle Passthrough on-demand like you can with the Rift S to be able to quickly see the world around you without having to pull the headset off of your face.

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    Thanks for submitting this feature request! As we announced during the OC6 day 1 keynote, we’ll be launching Passthrough+ on Quest next week and Passthrough “on demand” later this year! For more information about this and other OC6 announcements, please check out the Oculus blog: https://www.oculus.com/blog/oculus-connect-6-introducing-hand-tracking-on-oculus-quest-facebook-horizon-and-more/.

    Thanks again for your patience while the team continues to work on these software enhancements. See you in VR!

  2. More guardian settings

    I wish we had more guardian options, e.g. opacity level, only the line/border on the floor (without the surrounding grid), distance threshold/tolerance settings for grid/border activation and a radius setting for the stationary circle (its a little bit too narrow by default).

    My play space is big enough to move a few steps in every direction, but when swinging in beat saber or point my arms forward in space pirate Trainer the guardian comes up to eagerly.

    Thanks for consideration!

    You guys rock btw :)

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    Hi all! Thanks for submitting and voting for this idea.

    As part of the build 7.0 update that is rolling out this week, we’ve improved the overall performance of Guardian and added the following new features:

    - If your Guardian boundaries are too sensitive, you can adjust them from the Guardian settings page.
    - If you need to adjust your floor height, you no longer have to reset your Guardian. Instead, you can make adjustments right from your Guardian settings page.
    - You can now set multiple Guardians in the same room and switch between them.

    Since this idea is a bit more expansive in terms of what is being asked for, we’re going to leave this open for voting for now. We hope you enjoy the new Guardian settings that have been added in the meantime!

  3. Bring native social features (Rooms, Venues) to Quest

    The Quest does not have any native social features.

    The Go has Rooms and Venues, and the Rift (S) has Home. We have to rely on third-party apps to hang out with friends even though Facebook owns Oculus.

    Bring Oculus Rooms and Oculus Venues to the Quest!

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    Good news! Venues launched on Oculus Quest last month! Keep an eye on the Oculus blog (oculus.com/blog) for announcements about upcoming Venues events. I’m marking this idea as ‘Started’ since there are additional asks listed here. See you all in Venues on Quest!

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