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  • Dash: Oculus Dash is the in-VR command center the pops up when you hit the Oculus button on your Touch controller. Dash allows you to access PC Desktop apps, your VR Library, and other system settings and services from anywhere in VR.
  • Desktop App: This is the out-of-VR Oculus application on your PC that allows you to do things like browse the store, manage your settings, and view your friends list, among other things.
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  • Home: This is your customizable in-VR home where you can show off your unique style and decorations.
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  1. Allow more customization of Guardian

    Allowing more customization of the guardian wall would have a positive impact on user experience. Many of us already know the bounds of our playspace, and don't need the thick, bright guardian wall popping up all the time, but also want more notice than the floor square. This is especially true now that the sensitivity of when the wall appears has increased with the Core 2.0 beta. Some welcome customization options would be the following:

    1) Guardian wall sensitivity slider
    2) Guardian wall opacity slider
    3) Guardian wall line thickness slider
    4) Guardian wall color options
    5) Guardian wall texture…

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    Hi all! Thanks for submitting and voting for this idea.

    We recently added the ability to adjust the Guardian sensitivity, which you can find in the settings menu while in VR.

    Since this idea is a bit more expansive in terms of what is being asked for, we’re going to leave this open for voting. We hope you enjoy the new Guardian settings that have been added in the meantime!

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