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Merging our UserVoice Boards onto our Community Forums 


Exciting news everyone! We’re going to be merging our suggestions boards on Oculus UserVoice over to our larger Oculus Community forums. We love hearing what all of our users have to say, and we’re looking forward to bringing these two communities together. 


All of the posts, comments, votes, and statuses will be moved over to a new ideas section that we’ll be opening up on the Oculus Community forums. This change will happen starting December 8th.


We’ll also be migrating all Oculus UserVoice accounts with email addresses that match Oculus accounts over to the Oculus Community forums. 


If you have an existing account on the Oculus Community forums and on Oculus UserVoice, both under the same email address, the accounts will be merged automatically and all of your posts, comments, and votes will be moved over without you having to take any extra steps.


You can find and change your Oculus UserVoice account’s email address by logging in and selecting Settings underneath your username. The email address will show in the sidebar. 


If you don’t want your posts on UserVoice to be associated with your Oculus account, you have two options:

  1. Change your Oculus UserVoice email so it doesn’t match your Oculus account email. Do this by logging into your UserVoice account and under Settings, edit your email address and set a different email address from the one you are using on your Oculus account. When the migration happens, your UserVoice posts, and comments will be moved over but they’ll be marked as an unknown author on the new forum and will not be connected with any account and won’t be claimable in the future.

  2. OR
  3. Remove your username and email on Oculus UserVoice by deleting your account. To do this, you can log into your account on Oculus UserVoice, go to Settings, and on the sidebar, select Delete Account. Once you’ve done this, the content of your posts will remain and be transferred over to the new forum, but there will be no username attached, and no way to recover the post ownership in the future.

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